Peel Street Tamworth
Venues in Tamworth
Venues in the Tamworth Main Street
  Peel Street Tamworth   Buskers in Peel Street Peel Street
The main street is one giant outdoor venue during the festival. Check out the famed Peel Street buskers. Four blocks on both sides.

Vote for your favourite busker by giving them money - with extra marks for enthusiasm, effort and especially potential.
The Court House Hotel   Amity at The Court House Hotel

The Court House Hotel
A front bar and large music room out the back.
Tamworth - The Post Office Hotel

The Post Office Hotel
This hotel features local songwriters plus country bands. Previously called the Fitzroy Tavern.
Tudor Hotel Tamworth   Lesley Avril

The Tudor Hotel
A small hotel with three rooms of entertainment. The action is upstairs.
Hog's Breath Cafe - Tamworth

Hog's Breath Cafe
Restaurant on the ground floor, entertainment on the first floor via stairs at the rear of the restaurant.
Tamworth Council Chambers

Tamworth Council Chambers
In the middle of Peel Street. Tickets, information, leaflets.
Capitol Theatre - Tamworth

Capitol Theatre in the Centrepoint Arcade
Regular concerts upstairs in the largest cinema.
Tamworth Power House Museum   Steam Engine - Tamworth

Tamworth Power House Museum
Working steam engines. Tamworth had electric street lighting in November 1888.
Venues Near the Tamworth Main Street
Wests Diggers Tamworth   Kirsty Lee Akers

Wests' Diggers
The Diggers is right in town next to the river. It's now a part of Wests, only one membership card is needed. If you have purchased a ticket to something run by Wests, make sure you go to the right place, as they are about 2 Km apart.
Tamworth Town Hall   Tamworth Town Hall

Tamworth Town Hall
Famed and much loved community hall built in the 1930s. Continual events during the festival. Mainly free shows during the day and paying concerts at night.
Tamworth Services Club   Wanita

The Services Club
Lots of music free on the ground floor and paying concerts are held downstairs.
Tamworth Hotel   Karl Brodie and Katie Brianna

Tamworth Hotel
The best olde-worlde hotel decoration left in Tamworth. The music is out the back in the beergarden. A dignified hotel.
Tamworth Community Centre   Deidre and Graham Rodger

Tamworth Community Centre
Mainly traditional country music. Quiet, olde-worlde historic building, ex Tamworth Council Chambers. Not too sure about the pink paint scheme.
Red Cross Hall Tamworth

The Red Cross Hall
Step back in time and have a scone, biscuits or bacon and eggs and a cuppa while being serenaded by walk-up artists. Donations go to a good cause.
Venues in the West Tamworth and Bridge Street Area
West Tamworth Leagues Club   The Tomkins Guitar Showcase

West Tamworth Leagues Club
A big, well run club by any standards. Commonly known as Wests or just WTLC. The main bar is called Legends and is always free. The auditorium for ticketed shows is called Blazes. The Outback Room is downstairs, with some free shows and some ticketed.
The Pub - Tamworth   Bill Chambers and Ashleigh Dallas

The Pub
About 2 km out on the Gunnedah Road. Top entertainment.
Southgate Inn Tamworth   The Junes

The Southgate Inn
Opposite Wests and the swimming pool.
Tamworth - Family Hotel   Bryen Willems

The Family Hotel
At the second roundabout going out along Bridge Street. A good venue for small concerts.
Tamworth Golf Club   The Hired Hands Reunion

The Golf Club
Restaurant upstairs, very occasionally some music downstairs.
West Tamworth Bowling Club

West Tamworth Bowling Club
Tamworth Shopping World   Cash Only at Tamworth Shopping World

Tamworth Shopping World
Continual music on a stage inside the shopping centre. Just over the bridge from the city centre and up the hill a little.
Venues in the South Tamworth Area
Tamworth - The Golden Guitar

The Golden Guitar
Tourist Bureau or Visitor Information Centre. Waxworks and a good music shop selling CDs and DVDs. The Longyard Hotel is directly behind. Plenty of parking.
Longyard Hotel Tamworth   The Flying Emus

The Longyard Hotel
Iconic Tamworth hotel built in the mid 1980s. Concerts are in the Goonoo Goonoo room including the beer garden behind the hotel. A large deck at the front extends the public bar and has an adjoining stage on the back of a truck.
TREC Tamworth

TREC - Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre
This huge venue has major concerts during the festival, including of course The Awards on the last Saturday night. Huge car park.
Tamworth - Balladeers Homestead  

The Balladeers Homestead
The main venue for old-style Aussie music concerts. Many performers in lots of shows. Outside festival-time, the Balladeer's Homestead is the Salvation Army Citadel.
Lindsay Butler Studios   Rink Carey, Shazza Leigh and Lindsay Butler

Lindsay Butler Studios
Butler's Auditorium is on the left driving out to TREC or The Longyard. Inspect the studios on the open day, also several concerts with mainly Aussie music. Friendly.
South Tamworth Bowling Club

South Tamworth Bowling Club
Chinese restaurant, but no country music.
Venues in North Tamworth and East Tamworth
  Joe Maguires Hotel Tamworth   Steve Passfield
Joe Maguires Hotel
This hotel is essentially the spiritual home of the original festival and its original fringe supporters. The hotel has been modernised out the back with a huge beer garden. Good fun. Mainly bands with an Aussie flavour. Good pub food.
Hired Hands Reunion 2016   Clelia Adams

North Tamworth Bowling Club
Good paying concerts. This is the home of Andrew Clermont's Supper Club.
Tamworth Country Music Museum   Jean Stafford - Tamworth Museum

Australian Country Music Museum
The history and heritage of Australian country music. Now at the eastern end of Peel Street.
Oasis Hotel, Nemingha, Tamworth NSW   Bob Easter and Melissa Bajric

Oasis Hotel, Nemingha
Some music, in the evenings.

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