Peel Street Tamworth
Brian's Guide to the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2017

Tamworth - Friday 20th to Sunday 29th January, 2017 - 10 Days of Heavenly Twang.
Note: This festival took place last January. The 2018 festival dates are Jan 19th to Jan 28th.

Preparing for Tamworth 2017
What to do before going to Tamworth.

Brian's Hot Picks for Tamworth 2017
A few suggestions about the best things to see.

Sleepy's Picks for Tamworth 2017
Sleepy La Brief has his 6-day visit planned out.
Here's the best of the festival programme packed into a one page pdf file.

Tips for the Tamworth Country Music Festival
Read this and be an expert in 10 minutes.

Driving Around Tamworth
Tips about driving in Tamworth and knowing the short cuts.

A Typical Day in Tamworth
From 8am till 2am - Music round the clock.

Tamworth 2017 FAQ
Answers to some basic questions about Tamworth and the Festival.

Tamworth Countrylink Train Timetable
Perfect if you don't need that car.

Blank Gig Planner Worksheet
Map out your own timetable on this blank 3-day worksheet.

Web Sites about Tamworth
On-line research made easier.

Venues for the Country Music Festival
An Illustrated Guide to the Pubs and Clubs in Tamworth.

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