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Brian's Hot Picks for Tamworth 2020

  • The Cartwheels. Catch this classy outfit at the South Tamworth Bowling Club. Three gigs but I suggest Mon 20th at 2pm, or failing that, Wed 22nd at 2pm. Recommended.

  • Toe Sucking Cowgirls Tracey and Gleny have reformed their original band that ran from 2004 till 2009 and will do their classic stuff. Plus, on pedal steel, the perfect gentleman 'The President' Mr. Ray Cullen.

  • The Spin Drifters. The Spin Drifters have one show at the North Tamworth Bowlo on Tuesday 21st at 2pm. The western swing enthusiasts will be there to see this 10-piece outfit. Recommended.

  • The Cruisin' Deuces. With a sound midway between rockabilly and honky-tonk this Sydney band knows what to do and has a big inner city following. Several appearances around town, but the best one is the Southgate Inn at 5:30 on Thursday 23rd. Recommended.

  • Tomkins Guitar Showcase. A top gig in every way and good fun. Presented by Allan Tomkins. It's in Legends at Wests, Thursday 23rd at 7pm.

  • The Allan Tomkins Honky-Tonk Band. Proper country music with Bryen Willems on vocals, plus pedal steel guitar and that wonderful clean sound without the fuzzy rock-n-roll guitar playing. Two gigs at Legends and two at Diggers. Last chance is noon on Sunday 26th.

  • Michelle Little. Great singing in the style of Patsy Cline and her contemporaries. Only one concert and it's at Diggers Showroom on Sat 23rd at 3:30pm. Reccommended.

  • The Gina Timms Ladies of Country Show happens at Wests on the first Friday, the 17th at 7pm, and it's free in the Legends bar. Get started with this. Guests include Wendy Phypers and Marie Hodson. Then on Saturday 18th it's Gina's Birthday Bash at 7pm plus further shows, later in the week.

  • Breakfasts. There are several to choose from, plus some bush poetry and comedy. See the daily programme for details and have your Aussie breakfast cheaply. Every day, Peter Denahy at Legends at 8:30am presents bluegrass and comedy while Darren Carr and The Cowpats are at Diggers from 8:30. Both are tops. There are Bush Poets at the Longyard at 8am for $10. The Bush Balladeers Homestead has a one-hour concert Monday to Friday at 8am with the canteen serving breakfast. So, you could go to a different breakdast show every day. For the late risers the Services Club has their Writers in the Round every day at 11:30am - a good spot for a coffee and cake.

  • Darren Carr and The Cowpats. Every morning at Diggers at 8:30am. Start the day with an egg sandwich and a glass of red. Be sure to wear out-of-style or brightly-coloured clothing. Also Darren Carr and Other Dummies - four ticketed shows in the Event Centre at Wests.

  • Barry Morgan's World of Organs. Barry is a globe-trotting organ enthusiast and salesman from Adelaide. He wears a 70s-style safari-suit and plays old favourites on the Hammond Organ to an adoring audience. At The Tamworth Hotel, most days at 11am and 3pm.

  • James Ellis and the Jealous Guys. Up from Melbourne and blazing the trail for authentic tonky-tonk music. Three gigs at the Tamworth Hotel or a $20 Merle Haggard tribute show at The Pub, 6pm on Sat 25th.

  • Murphy's Pigs is a 10 piece Celtic-rock band. Five shows at Joe Maguires Pub or try the Town Hall concert, 9:30 am on Friday 24th.

  • Travis List has five gigs at Diggers and one at Legends at varying times. Or try the Post Office Hotel 4pm on Tuesday 21st. His current band is called Neon and it includes guitarists Rusty Crook and Stuie French. Wonderful American honky-tonk stuff, I can take hour after hour of this.

  • Andrew Clermont's Supper Club. The focus at the North Tamworth Bowlo is on musicianship not razz-a-ma-tazz. The audience recognise this and they don't chatter on about where they parked their car or how their spag bol was too spicy. Concerts at 6pm and 9pm daily. To get started, go to a 6pm concert.

  • Anthony Taylor at the South Tamworth Bowlo Anthony Taylor will host a '90's Live Country Jukebox' from 16th till 24th for nine nights from 6 till 9:30pm. There is a featured guest artist each night, but the web site does not tell us who they are. Instead they ask us "Who do you think the guest artists will be?". Well, there is plenty of choice for other things to go to.

  • Dan Murphy. Solid, reliable and entertaining country music. Three shows at the South Tamworth Bowlo, try for Thursday 23rd at 2pm. A further nine shows at Wests and Diggers, try Wed 22nd at 3:30.

  • Bill Chambers Sessions. Good musicians with good guests, special guests and even special special guests. Bill is a master at the simple concept of "less is more". At The Pub, Monday to Friday at 2pm.

  • Australia Day - Sunday 26th. Make your own finale to the festival by dressing up in the colours of the Australian flag. Decorate your car. This day gets bigger every year, and especially in Tamworth. There is plenty of clothing, tea towels, paper plates, flags, stubby holders etc in the stores right now. Wear your Aussie board shorts while eating your barbecue lunch off Aussie paper plates.

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