Answers Page 2 - Australian Words and Phrases

What are Wombles, Wiggles and the Narnies?

  • Children"s TV programs.
Narnies is baby talk for the Bananas in Pajamas, B1 and B2.

Wagga Wagga is

  • A town in New South Wales.

What is a ute (pronounced yoot)?

  • A vehicle similar to a pickup truck.
The new record for the World Ute Muster is around 2000, breaking the previous record of 699.

What do Australians have on their hamburgers, instead of the slice of pickle (like at McDonald's)?
  • A slice of beetroot.
Generally, kids don't like McDonald's pickles. The McDonald's image is under attack.

Who in Australia is Ned Kelly?

  • A national hero similar to Robin Hood
  • A criminal who taunted the police and was hanged.
Both answers apply. Ned Kelly, born of Irish stock, occupies a special place in this country's folk lore. He was hanged in the old Melbourne Gaol.

Which side of the road do Australians drive on?

  • The steering wheel is at the right and we drive on the left.

What is a barbie?

  • A gathering of people with cooking outdoors on an open fire.
It is short for barbecue or BBQ.

What in Sydney are the "Rabbitohs"?

  • A football team with over 90 years of tradition
  • People who once sold rabbits door to door (before chicken was mass produced)

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