Answers Page 1 - Australian Words and Phrases

What is the local version of M and M's in Australia?

  • Smarties

  • What is the Aussie equivalent to jumbo shrimps?

    • King prawns

    What is the most likely thing an Australian waitress will say when she brings you your meal?

    • There you go.
    This is a friendly term, particularly common in country towns. Have a nice day is considered to be rude and plastic.

    What in Australia is Maccas?

    • A word for McDonalds used by the company when pretending to be Australian.

    What are speedos and cossies?

    • Local words for bathing suits.

    What in Sydney is the Coathanger?

    • A rarely used word for the harbour bridge.

    What is a pokie room?

    • A licenced room with gambling machines (slots). Pokies is short for poker machines.

    What are Tim Tams?

    • The nation's favourite chocolate biscuit.
    Unfortunately the company that makes this Aussie icon is now overseas owned.

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