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Famous Smokers

Sartre smoking, Barthes smoking, Derrida smoking - French philosophers smoking.
Spot the connection: Three French philosophers all conforming.
Since absolute truth is difficult to define, perhaps it's hard to believe smoking can make you sick.

Gordon Gekko smoking a cigar
Michael Douglas plays Gordon Gekko - the excesses of the 1980s still haunt us.

Carlo / Charles Ponzi smoking
The Ponzi Scam is named after Carlo Ponzi who turned $30 worth of postal reply coupons into a massive US$15 million investment fraud. He was jailed for this in 1920 in the USA, but after his release continued with further frauds.

Mark Twain smoking pipe
Mark Twain with his pipe

Winston Churchill smoking cigar
Winston Churchill with his cigar and his gun

Vintage girl smoking and showing knickers
A not-so-famous vintage smoker with her knickers

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