Sharon Colon
proudly presents
Sharon's Collection of Terrible Typo's

Dear surfers and readers, Here is the beginning of a collection of photographs.
Mostly great care has been taken, butt still those typeing errrors creap in.

Malcolm Turnbull - AFR, Page 1, 23-Oct-2015 - Typo
Malcolm Turnbull

Thursday Menu - Ruby's Hotel - Rozelle, NSW Typo

Condom vending machine at Locomotive Hotel, Tamworth - typo
Spelling error on a vending machine

The Glass Pavillion, Paddington NSW Typo
A Pavilion in Paddington

Pubic Restrooms Typo
Americans are simply too embarassed to say toilet.

Quality Typo

The Hadron Collider Typo
From the Yorkshire Post - the typo just waiting to happen.

Time for lunch break Typo
Around here, things move very slowly during the lunch hour...
Millennium Bug Typo
The New England Hotel in Armidale has been operating since 1857. Finally, in the year 2000, the dreaded Millennium Bug arrived.

Penkivil Street Typo
Many tasks once done locally are now managed from big office towers. Does this centralised system work? The residents of Penkivil Street would say "They can't even spell our...".

Hors Douvres Typo
At Forster, on the Mid North Coast of NSW.


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