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Linux Runs Amok

Dear readers, Linux, the supposedly great alternative to the truly awful and over-priced Microsoft Windows, is produced by nerdy geeks and geeky nerds who cannot punctuate. Read the apostrophe examples below at your peril...

Motif Interface - apostrophe error

Linux stability - apostrophe error

Linux Benefits - apostrophe error

LUG Meetings - apostrophe error

Red Hat Linux - apostrophe error

Linux Clustering - apostrophe error

Microsoft Dealer - apostrophe error

Linux software - apostrophe error

Redmond Linux - apostrophe error

Last Updated - Monday 28th December 2015.
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Hosting Histroy of this site - read and weep.
Unreliable ISP 1998-2004. The server was running Red Hat Linux, Apache 1.3.22, PHP 4.1.2 and a pathetic Squid 2.3 proxy cache (which was the pits when wrongly configured). Weekly server statistics were sometimes produced by Analog 5.24 but it usually failed. Unreliable, poor support, normally blaming the customer instead of fixing faults. Hopeless once the original skilled technical staff moved on. New owners unable to improve things. Server configuration problems blamed on the customer. They even claimed they had never hosted this domain!!!
Australian Hosting Company 2005-2006 Cheap, nasty and totally pathetic. A huge badly planned big-bang cutover put thousands off the air. The CEO attempted a media whitewash but was exposed as a fibber. The Whirlpool forums documented this nightmare. Single handedly, this company has brought the entire Aussie Hosting Industry into disrepute. A total train wreck. Despite good intentions and Apache 2.0.46, Red Hat Linux, PHP 4.3.2, MySQL database, Webalizer stats provided daily and Dell servers. A steady stream of disorganised and poorly planned reconfigurations and upgrades of both the hardware and the software made life a nightmare. Clearly the worst hosting company in Australia and I resolved not to renew, despite their phone calls and offer of a substantial discount. Their website is stocked with ancient testimonials on how good they are. Grrr.
Hosted in America from November 2006. Good control panel. technical expertise reasonable, but understanding of log files and statistics is just pathetic. Good discussion forums to resolve easy problems. Front line support is dreadful, outsourced to a place so distant they even make up their fake names. But no more hosting in Australia ever. Pay on a credit card and get equipment that works. Sad to report, after a series of buy-outs and amalgamations, a good USA hosting company went steadily downhill. Log files increasingly unreliable.
Hosted in England from June 2009. Not perfect by any means. But pretty reasonable, with good reliability and a clear control panel and no major annoyances. Nasty virus attacks in 2010 and 2012, but most likely caused by the password being stolen out of a PC rather than by the hosting company being hacked. Total files on-line over 7000 and space used over 600MB. Log files reliable.