The Sharon Colon Apostrophe Manifesto


Thirty years of politically correct correctness and educational fadism have relegated grammar to the back burner on the stove of intellectual awareness.

In particular, correct usage of the apostrophe has collapsed, especially on the Internet and in small newsletters. It's as if the words its and it's have swapped places.

The most appalling aspect of the failure of teachers and academics to teach English effectively for three decades is the number of well educated, well intentioned graduates making total howlers, especially in newsletters and minor magazines. These very same people want you to buy goods and services from them and then trust them with activities such as finding you a suitable house, organising conferences and conducting market research.

Fortunately and proudly to report, major newspapers and magazines (even the major computer magazines) rarely make these errors. However magazines with smaller circulations and revenue often haven't a clue. Month after month, hopeless editors toil away making fools of themselves. Much to my displeasure, I have even submitted correct articles, only to have apostrophe errors inserted by the proofreaders!!!

This Web Site is strongly in favour of the correct use of the Apostrophe and is intended as a resource so the students of English can see the magnitude of the problem.

Yours sincerely,

Sharon Colon

Written 10/11/2004. Page last updated Monday, 28th December 2015.

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