Sharon Colon
proudly presents
My Grand European Tour

Dear surfers and readers, There comes a time when all Australians have to do that Grand European Tour. Whilst I did such a circuit many years ago, the German magazine, Der Spiegel (The Mirror) has made my worst fears come true, with its feature in the issue dated 26th June, 2000.
The rash of apostrophe errors has spread from English into German. Surely the time has come to ask:-

Spiegel, Spiegel on the wall,
Who has the worst Apostrophe of all.

Mexican Food
The Mexican Influence in Germany.

Coffee Shop Sign
A German Coffee Shop.

Jumping Kangaroos
The Aussie Influence in Germany.

Keeping Everything Shining Bright...

Last Updated - Monday 28th December, 2015.
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