Apostrophe Errors When Searching the Web

Here are some examples of things typed into search engines such as Google.
These are real searches; they are not made up for a joke. Some are correct.

Bondi Beach Home Page

university's near bondi beach australia
photo's of bondi beach christmas day 2008
x'mas party on the bondi beach
beach's by bondi
beach's in sydney
bondi gallery's picture
bondi italian cafe's along glenayr ave
budget hotel's on bondi beach sydney
"australian beach pattern" by charle's meere
charle's meere australian beach pattern
fruit and vegetable shop's in bondi junction
nude's bondi beach
party's on new years bondi
picture of beach's
picture's of the beach
pictures gallery's in bondi
train martin's place to bondi

Smoking and Smokers

present age of children who's parents smoke becoming smokers themselves
how many australian's are dying from smoking
women's smokers
rights of children's
smoker's pictures
cartoon of do not use the ashtray's smoking litter
clean air in casino's
does smoking's affect physical fitness
does smoking's effect sporting performance
effects of heroine on new born baby's
effects of smoking on children's
graphs cancer's caused by smoking
how many australian's are nonsmokers
how to stop poison's in the air vehicles
men smoker's australian statistics
percentage of women's smoking in australia
celebrity smoker's
picture of smoker's
pictures of smoker's
picture's of smokers
rights of children's
smoker's at the office
smoker's picture's
smokers women's
smoking affects on children's
smoking and it's quotes
smoking children's
smoking habit in between women's
smoking it's advantages
the non smoking law's in prison

Cigarettes and Tobacco

dont do tobacco quotes
graph of women's that affected by cigarettes compared by men
positive values' of tobacco industry
celebrity's that chew tobacco
celebrity's who chew tobacco
peter jackson's cigarette
how do tobacco company's market to youth in australia
how illegal tobacco's effects people
tobacco advertising's
tobacco company's in thirld world markets
tobacco industry's
world largest transnational company's
youth and tobacco retailer's photos

Various others, including music and this website

lyrics for alphabet song a your adorable with guitar chords
cd's country music store's usa
jacaranda's are blooming
fifties fair photo's
fifty's fair sydney
tamworth country music busking photo's
photo's of craig giles
world aid's day banner
adam's kitty
ana's girls
aunty's big pussy's
australia's big icon's
bob's plural's
burberry bra's
casino baby's
doo wop dvd country music of the 50' and 60'
free country chord's and tabs
greengrocers apostrophe's
groups of the 70s' and 80s'
kitty's that are alley cats
LBS artist's tamworth
nepali crossdresser's
the lee's

Don't forget those old favourites: photo's, pic's, pizza's, video's and cartoon's.

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