Sharon Colon
sadly presents
Advertising Hype

  Dear surfers and readers,

The advertising industry is devoted to making things up in order to sell more products.

Life would be a lot less stressful without so much advertising, but here we go...

When you buy things, you can enhance your lifestyle. Keep in mind that the centre of the known universe is you. This means your life is one endless celebration.

However the world is actually divided into two sorts of people - celebrities and everyone else (like you and me). There several ways you can become a celebrity though. One method is to become a winner and another way is to be the next big star.

If these things don't work, well at least you might pick up a few rewards along the way.

It's very important in advertising never to actually explain anything about the product but instead tell people about themselves and how they will feel after they buy the product.

This deception is called "being creative" (it used to be called layout and copywriting) and the people who do this this task are now called "creatives" (they used to be called designers or writers).

Sharon Colon

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